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Whatever’s the watercooler equivalent of 2018, politics is the new topic du jour. But while focus is on our nation’s highest offices, local elections continue to fall below the radar. “Wake Up Beaumont” seeks to fix that by spotlighting local elections, politics, and activism because change begins in the city you live.

Producer/Host: Julia
Webmaster: Christina

FAQ with Julia

  • Where can I listen to the first season? While they aren’t listed on Apple Podcats, you can find the entire first season right here!
  • Why did you start doing this?  Shortly after the 2016 election cycle and the emotions I was feeling about the political system, I realized that I couldn’t really do anything – whatever goes on in the White House is out of my control. But what isn’t out of my control is what goes on right here in Southeast Texas – and then I realized, I had no idea what was going on.  I started the podcast for myself, if I’m being completely honest, and to teach myself about how local politics worked and how it affected me.
  • Are you a journalist? No. I’ve never been formally trained so I haven’t taken up that title. All my information is correct and cited from reputable sources but my snark, skepticism, and stupid jokes aren’t going anywhere.

More questions? Drop me a line!

If you are interested in getting a advertisement placed in an episode, click here for information to start with. *There won’t be any espresso shot episodes in Season 3