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2019 Constitution Amendment

No we aren’t talking about THAT constitution – we are talking about amendments to the Texas State Constitution that are happening November 5th 2019.
Fun Facts
Did you know 5.8 % of Texans voted in the 2017 amendments? Out of that number only 4400 were from Jefferson County
Did you know that Texas doesn’t have the right to initiate ballot points through petitions like other states? That was voted down in 1914.

The Rundown

  • The best breakdown I saw of the amendments was from the League of Women Voters in Texas.
  • Ballotpedia has a great chart that shows who voted yes and no for which amendments divided by party. There’s also a cool little chart that shows how dismal voting is in our great state.
  • Explanatory document from the state that is completely neutral but not that great at explaining.
  • Here is that screenshot I promised about the Jefferson County emergency tax.

Am I registered to vote?
Where can I vote?
Early voting
Sample Ballot

Also, I was hella sick when I recorded this so please forgive the mouth sounds and audio quality <3

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