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2020 Texas Primaries: Senate Run Off – Hegar v. West

Today we are spending a lot of time talking about the Senate run off race between MJ Hegar and Royce West to see which of them will go head to head with Republican incumbent John Cornyn. This episode is a little more off the cuff than usual but still has a lot of information to help you get started on who to vote for from their background, who is endorsing them, and voting strategy. Additionally, there’s an update about Covid19 and I end by talking about #cancelculture.
Change begins in the city you live!


Covid19 updates
Beaumont Mayor’s covid19 stats (including information about free testing)
County Judge Jeff Brannick’s open letter to his critics about the mask ordinance
New York Times podcast explaining everything that’s wrong with Texas’ Covid strategy


MJ Hegar (website, facebook, twitter, instagram)
Hegar has outraised West and received backing from the DSCC,

Royce West (website, facebook, twitter, instagram,)
West’s work in the Texas Senate (article by Texas Tribune) and voting record.
West is being targeted by attack ads

  • The latest (and last) debate between the two (Youtube)
  • An article about the debate   (Dallas News)
  • A group of videos with conversations with each primary candidate (including Hegar and West) before the primary. Watch the videos here (Texas Tribune)
  • 11 important questions *before primary in March (Texas Tribune)
    • Also note – Hegar has since changed her response to repealing section 1325 which criminalizes crossing the border

Other Info
Strategic voting explained
Results from Jefferson County election in March
Results from State wide elections in March
Run off Early voting locations and information

Cancel Culture
Virgina Democrats participate in blackface
Al Frankton resigned

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