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Episode 4: Countdown to the Primaries: Justice of the Peace

In this episode, we will talk about the primaries and meet the people running for the Justice of the Peace in precinct 1 and 8 of Jefferson county. We figure out what they do, how the J.O.P affects you, and a little bit of history that hopefully won’t put you to sleep! I also have two special guests in this show talking about voting, cool new music, and as always really stupid jokes.  Leave a rating on Apple Podcast or on the facebook page (and if you know what TV show I sampled from, you could win $10 gift card!) and share this episode with 5 non-voting friends. This is going to be the year we put a dent in voter apathy…possibly, maybe?

Primaries explain
 Invisible primaries
The Modern Whig Party

What does the J.O.P do?
Small Claims Court
Court Structure 
Blood Warrants
Which precinct would I go to if I needed to see a J.O.P?

(*interviews with candidates available upon request)
Precinct 1
Ben Collins Sr
Wilton Johnson
–  David Grove
Annette Reedy
Precinct 8
–  Tom Gilliam III
– Joseph L. Guillory II
–  Melanie Ned
– Antoine Leonard Freeman

What other offices are up for election in 2018?

Pink Lemonade – Silent Partner
Do it Right – Jingle Punks
Sophomore Makeout – Silent Partner
You Make Me Feel Good – Jingle Punks
Road to Moscow – Jingle Punks

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