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Covid19 in BMT: Rent

In this episode, there is an update on local Covid19 statistics, information about the census, and the very real potential for mass homelessness and evictions due to the financial crisis brought on by the pandemic. I talk to a local judge and local constable about the steps of evictions, we evaluate the homeownership portion of the CARES ACT, and I try to give some useful tips on what to do (NOT PANICKING) if you find yourself or a loved on in one of these situations.

Local Covid19 statistics from the Mayor’s Office
NPR Article (May 1st) called Rent is Due Today but Millions Won’t be Paying It
Texas Tribune article (April 1st) about Texans being unable to pay rent
What is a Rent Strike?
Rent strikes are happening around the country with varying responses:
1 San Diego landlord says “There’s no good reason not to pay rent”
– A Houston landlord can’t collect on striking tenants (Redit)
Do your census! 

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