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Cross Coburn VS Homophobia

In this longer than usual episode, we are learning about a civil rights issue happening right here in our community. Cross Coburn, the 19 year old Groves City Council member, is being asked to resign after nude pictures of him were sent to the media and the council. We recap what has happened to get him in this position, the slander and defamation he’s dealt with since, and what his future on the council could look like.

City of Groves, Texas
 The news segment sampled in the episode
Petition news 1, 2, 3
Anthony Weiner,  Al Franken, and other sex scandals in US history INCLUDING a anti-LGBT pro Christian man having sex and doing drugs with male minors and child sex trafficking. What a guy.
Religious Freedom (1) And a super interesting article about the history of how we got religious freedom
Triangle Caucus

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