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Democratic Primaries: Texas Supreme Court

The Texas Supreme Court is like the US Supreme court except we get to pick them every few years and it’s not a life long seat. Otherwise, they do kind of the same thing – interpret the laws of the country of Texas. So what kind of person do you want laying down the law?

Alamo Heights

–  Explanation of events from Texas Tribune
– The official judgement.
Opinion from Slate news about the judgement of the case and it’s affect on the LGBTQIA community

Get a glimpse at some of the candidates in this profile of the race from the Texas Tribune
Chief Justice
Gerald Zimmerer 
Amy Clark Meachum
Place 6
Kathy Cheng 
Larry Praeger
Place 7
Brandy Voss
Staci Williams 
Place 8
Peter Kelley
Giselda Triana

Candidate Spreadsheet

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