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Episode 2: Results & Rants

In this episode, we talk a little about the election results of November 7th 2017. The host rants about apathy and the media, and we hear a much needed pep talk from Kim Olson about what it is to be an American.

Transcript (host only)
– Voter turn out
– Millennial vs Baby Boomer voter turnout
– Transgender lawmaker
– Jefferson County Elections Results
– Breakdown of numbers from State
– Local media coverage
Beaumont Enterprise [Opinion piece]
Beaumont Examiner [Port of Beaumont, Propositions]
KFDM [Early voting clip/Port of Beaumont, Final Results]
12 News [Propositions]
Jon Powell (TX Rep 36)
Brian Babin (TX Rep 36)
Kim Olson (Agriculture)
Sid Miller (Agriculture)
Orange County Train Depot Museum

Pink Lemonade – Silent Partner
Orientation – Silent Partner

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