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Episode 3: Large…and in charge?

Denise Spooner
Dr. Natalie Tuck Bonner
Tillie Hickman
Michael Perez
Robert Dunn
Mandie Peel

What district am I in?
Where are voting locations if I want to vote early?
Where are voting locations if I can only go on May 6th?
Am I eligible to vote?
I hear people talk about the board of managers – who are these guys?

I couldn’t find factual evidence to support the claims of voter turn that Robert Dunn claimed. However, based on the numbers for the election in 2015, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Shout out to the candidates who spoke with me about their platforms and special thanks to Gina VanDevender!
Music – “Pink Lemonade”, “Slow Shock” and “Lurker” all by Silent Partner.

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