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Episode 5: Countdown to the Primaries – Commissioners Court and the 172nd District Court Judge

In this episode, we are looking at what a commissioners court is and what they do as well as the District Court Judge for the 172nd court in Jefferson county. Don’t forget, the last chance to register to vote for the primaries is FEBRUARY 5TH! Don’t wait! Please share with 3 of your politically apathetic friends and rate or review.

Commissioners Court
Everette “Bo” Alfred [2] [Commissioner Court precinct 4 website ]
Earl W. Wheaton Sr
172nd District Court Judge
Melody Chappell
Kent W. Johns
Tina Bradley

Commissioners Court
Precinct Map
               Commissioner Court website
               Duties of the Commissioners court
What do Commissioners do all day?
So you want to run for Commissioners court?
When does the court meet? Can I go?

District Courts
                District Courts
What makes a good judge?

County Structure Video
       How much do they make?
Sample ballot

Pink Lemonade – Silent Partner
Sophomore Makeout – Silent Partner
Road to Moscow – Jingle Punks

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