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Episode 7: Commissioners

In this extra long episode, we are looking at the primary races for 3 Commissions in Texas – Railroad, Agriculture, and General Lands Office. There is a little bit of interesting controversy in each, wacky candidates, and a short time left to consider who to vote for!
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Hearing against the Railroad Commission

Railroad Commission – What does it do? Official Website
– Incumbent: Christi Craddick
Article 1, Article 2, WebsiteBallotpedia, Article 3
– Weston Martinez
Article, WebsiteBallotpedia
– Roman McAllen
Ballotpedia, Website
– Chris Spellmon
 Ballotpedia, Website

AgricultureWebsite. What do they do?
– Incumbent: Sid Miller
Campaign site, Fresh Foods Friday, Article, Ballotpedia
– Jim Hogan
Article 1 and 2. Ballotpedia
–  Trey Blocker
Article 1, Website, Ballotpedia, Petty site,
              * Watch this special debate between Blocker and Miller!

General Lands – Website. What do they do? Ballotpedia
– Incumbent: George P. Bush
Website, Ballotpedia, Article 1 and 2
–  Jerry Patterson
Website, Ballotpedia, Video, Article, Endorsement
          – Dr. Davey Edwards
Website, Ballotpedia
          – Rick Range
Website, Ballotpedia
– Tex Morgan
Website, Ballotpedia
– Miguel Suazo
Website, Ballotpedia

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