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Episode 8: Becky Ames

In the 2016 Presidential election 57% of the eligible voters in this country casted a ballot…that vote was divided almost in half between Trump and Clinton, which means, that the 45th president of the United States was picked by only 25% of the total population. Ok, so let’s look at Texas, specifically. Out of the whole state, 59% of the population voted in the general election. In Jefferson county, the number was about the same (6). About 16,000 voters in Jefferson county split their vote by almost 50 and 50. People always come out to the big elections, the Presidential elections, and neglect the smaller races that have arguably more impact. Like when Travis county accidentally elected a Republican Party Chairman who spent most of his free time tweeting about boobs and conspiracy theories. We have the most control over the elections that affect our back yard…The city of Beaumont has over 118,000…Meaning only 9% of the voting population in the city of Beaumont is controling who takes office…

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Articles cited – 2012 and 2017

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