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Episode 8: Countdown to the Primaries – Comptroller, Lieutenant Governor, and 14th Congressional Seat

In this episode we are following the exact same format as the other primary episodes – learn about the office and the candidates. You know the drill. Early voting has already begun and ends Friday March 2nd! So get out there!

What is a comptroller? What do they do? Ok, one more time but simply…
Joi Chevalier – website,  ballotpedia.Endorsement
Tim Mahoney – Website, ballotpedia

Lt Gov – Website
What is Lieutenant Governor? What do they do? Official website
Dan Patrick – WebsiteBallotpedia. Wikipedia. Criticism of him. Bathroom Bill. “A responsible Republican is a conservative Republican”
Scott Milder – website. Ballotpedia. Friends of Texas Public Schools non profit
Michael Cooper – facebook. Ballotpedia.
Mike Collier – website. Ballotpedia.

14th Congressional Seat
Where is that? Who represents me?
Randy Weber – Website. Ballotpedia. Chart. Report Card. Healthcare. Fracking.
Bill Sarge Sargent – Website. Ballotpedia.
Keith Casey – Ballotpedia
Dr. Levy Q Barnes Jr. – website. Ballotpedia
Adrienne Bell – website. Ballotpedia

(Theme song)Pink Lemonade by Silent Partner
Orientation – Silent Partner
Tidal Wave – Silent Partner
Bright Future – Silent Partner
Road to Moscow – Jingle Punks
Money, Money, Money – Abba
Doctor Who Extended Theme song

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