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Media Literacy with Michael Saar

This episode first aired before the 2018 mid-term elections. There is so much in this episode that is so relevant to the same arguments that we are having over sharing articles on facebook, spreading lies through social media, and divisiveness. I enjoyed revisiting this conversation with Michael and hearing my growth as a podcaster in this episode!

Doug Chayka for The New York Times

Articles/E-books (Media in general)
– Study about social media
– Fake news and Facebook
– Repetition Makes Us Believe Misinformation
– The Debunking Handbook
   Articles (Russian Interference)
         – A Russian Facebook page organized[source 1] a protest [source 2] in Texas
– A Timeline of the Russia Investigation and Donald Trump
          – Fake News for $$$
– First Draft – Uses research based methods to fight misinformation WHICH gets a
mention in How Real is Fake News below.
– Web Literacy online handbook
       – Online course: Calling Bullshit
– How Science Created Morons – how one of the worst ideas in science got a big push
from a bad study and intellectuals of the day lapped it up
– Scientific Studies with John Oliver and a companion Vox article
– Circular Reporting as a cute cartoon
       – Ted Talk: How Real is Fake News?
– Ted Talk: Information Literacy
      – How well can you tell fact from opinions?

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