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S3E1: Media Literacy with Michael Saar

Opening comments

Doug Chayka for The New York Times


Articles/E-books (Media in general)
– Study about social media
– Fake news and Facebook
– Repetition Makes Us Believe Misinformation
– The Debunking Handbook
   Articles (Russian Interference)
         – A Russian Facebook page organized[source 1] a protest [source 2] in Texas
– A Timeline of the Russia Investigation and Donald Trump
          – Fake News for $$$
– First Draft – Uses research based methods to fight misinformation WHICH gets a
mention in How Real is Fake News below.
– Web Literacy online handbook
       – Online course: Calling Bullshit
– How Science Created Morons – how one of the worst ideas in science got a big push
from a bad study and intellectuals of the day lapped it up
– Scientific Studies with John Oliver and a companion Vox article
– Circular Reporting as a cute cartoon
       – Ted Talk: How Real is Fake News?
– Ted Talk: Information Literacy
      – How well can you tell fact from opinions?

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