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S3E3: Justice of the Peace

This week, we are talking about the Justice of the Peace elections for Beaumont. We talk to a sitting judge in Jasper county, Daniel Whitton, to explain what the Justice of the Peace actually does and then we hear from the candidates themselves – Annette Reedy and Benjamin Collins.

Precinct 1 map
Benjamin Collins
Annette Reedy
What does the Justice of the Peace in Texas do?
A quirky powerpoint answering the same question of what Justice of the Peace in Texas does.

*   JP refuses to perform same-sex marriage and the Texas Legislature’s low key approval of that action. While both of those articles are a bit older, here’s a more recent profile about the same issue.
*   Fair Housing and the LGBT community and general tenant defenses to evictions in Texas
* One of those think pieces about echo chambers I told you about. And another one, just for good measure.
*   VIDEO: Ted Talk – How to have better political conversations
*   PODCAST: I love you, but I hate your politics
*   PODCAST: Pansuit Politics – 2 women, one from the left and the other from the right, come together to talk about national headlines with no shouting, no insults, and plenty of nuance.

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