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s3e5:Court of Criminal Appeals

People have a lot of opinions about what justice is and how justice should be carried out but do they know who is making decisions about how justice is carried out in their state? The court of Criminal Appeals might not be one that many people end up at, but if you have opinions about the death penalty, mental health, or diversity in the court system, take a break from Brent Kavanough, and spend some time following up on who will take these seats.

Presiding Judge
Sharon Keller (R) *incumbant
– Re-election Website. State websiteBallotpedia.

– Sharon Killer: A site dedicated to people who strongly oppose her. This site hasn’t been updated in several years, but the archives are interesting. – Ethics: (1) (2) (3)
– Richard case
 “And Justice For Some

Maria T. Jackson (D)
– Website. Facebook. Ballotpedia.

William Bryan Strange III (L)

Judge, place 7
Barbra Parker Hervey (R) *incumbant
– Texas Criminal Justice Integrity Unit
Ramona Franklin (D)
Website. Facebook. Ballotpedia. Instagram. TwitterSnapchat.

Judge, place 8
Michelle Slaughter (R)
Website. FacebookBallotpedia
Mark Ash (L)
Facebook. Ballotpedia
Articles (1)

Choose your judges – The quiz is interesting because it makes you think about what you believe, but the results are trash.
How to judge a candidate
Texas Legislative system
The case of Bobby James Moore (1) (2)
Death Penalty
Article – Ethics
    Video – People Speak
    Video – Ted Talk: Death Penalty in US– in this Ted Talk, he touches the mass incarceration and inherent racism of the prison system also.
Podcast – Ear Hustle. I love this podcast so much, but “The Row” is specifically about the death penalty
Mass Incarceration
Video: How I spent 32 years in prison (Ted Talk)
Video: Visualized Mass Incarceration
Book: The New Jim Crow
Documentary: 13th
Activism groups: This website has a list of Texas prison activist groups


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